Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Should you wear leggings at 60?

With Oprah's blessing, the answer is yes! Don't believe me, or rather, don't believe Oprah? (gasp) Scroll down, please...

Harper's Bazaar "Style at Every Age"

Rock it à la glam sparkly leggings in your 30's
Keep it hip in your 40's with toned down pleather
Go for a black jegging (yes, with a "J!") to keep it fashionable
with a little more support in your 50's
And if Oprah says so, go for it in classic black leggings at 60!
What do all these women have in common besides Oprah's blessing? They are all decked out in Rita Wilson's 4 items to create comfort and style, whether you're in your 30's, 60's, or in between! The fabulous four: 1. Black *leggings* 2. Black boots or shoes 3. A jacket 4. A scarf

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